Dahlias will ship in the spring of 2022

Some of our 2022 favorites

Dahlia Milena Fleur
Dahlia Milena Fleur
Dahlia Feline Yvonne @FleurFarm
Dahlia Feline Yvonne
Dahlia Sam Hopkins @FleurFarm
Dahlia Sam Hopkins
Dahlia Caramel Antique @FleurFarm
Dahlia Caramel Antique

Ranunculus & Anemones

White Anemone Green Eye
White Anemones
Ranunculus Butterfly Charis
Butterfly Ranunculus Charis

Clone Ranunculus: Elegancy in a Butter Cup

Ranunculus Cloni Ginette
Clone Ginette Ranunculus
Ranunculus Cloni Iceberg
Half Clone Iceberg Ranunculus

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