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Canadian Customers

Hello Northern Neighbors!

Thank you for your interest in our farm and assortment! We were overwhelmed with the requests we received from you and are working with the Canadian authorities to comply with regulations so we can extend our offer to you. We are still waiting for our certification for export to Canada, which is delayed because of Covid19. At this moment, we can’t get through to the Canadian authorities.

Once we’re approved, we will update the estimated fees for Phyto Certificates and Shipping costs. After you’ve placed your order with us we will contact you to accurately determine these fees before we can finalize and ship your order. But before you proceed we would like to explain the process in more detail. Please contact us if the below still leaves you with any questions, we’re here to help!


Canadian orders are shipped through USPS, the United States Postal Service. We ship flat rate, medium and large boxes. Tuber clumps are larger than single tubers (see FAQ’s). We can fit an estimated 10-12 tuber-clumps in a medium USPS flat rate box and 18-20 in a large USPS flat rate box (depending on the variety). You may receive more than one box, depending on the size of your order.

We charge $75 as a shipping down-payment for your order, which covers one medium flat rate box. After you’ve placed your order, we will contact you to review the shipping charges to make sure these charges cover the actual expense. If we over charged you for shipping costs, we will refund the difference.

You can verify shipping fees for flat rate mailing boxes (the cheapest option for most Canadian shipping zones) at the USPS website’s Canadian Postage Calculator:


For orders being shipped into Canada, an Agricultural Inspection Certificate is required. This Phyto Certificate will state that our plant products are clean and pest free complying with Canadian regulations, and include a specific note stating the absence of Gypsy Moth.

In Vermont, the cost of a local USDA Phyto Certification is $61 for any order under $1250, and $106 for any order over that amount. You can verify that on the USDA website. We will handle all the required international paperwork and include it with your order when preparing for shipment. After you’ve placed your order, we will contact you to add the Phyto Certification fees.

If you prefer to have your order shipped to a USA address and import the product yourself into Canada, we can still provide a Phyto Certificate.


You do not pay sales tax to us during checkout. You are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes due to your government. Fleur Farm is not responsible should your country charge you an additional import tax on your order.


All Canadian orders are shipped mid April. Orders must be placed by March 30th in order to qualify for inspection. Once inspected, they need to leave our warehouse within 7 days (the Phyto Certificate is only valid for 14 days). Orders placed after March 30th will be subject to a second round of inspections, date yet to be determined.

It is up to the discretion of Canada’s Customs department how long the processing and releasing will take. During Covid, it may take longer than usual for packages to clear.

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