We are a small family & friends company. We source our bulbs and seeds from reputable growers and strive for the highest quality and largest available bulbs size. We package and ship everything ourselves, and with great care. When your product arrives, inspect it right away. Any errors or issues upon receiving must be reported within 2 business days of receiving. Dahlia tuber failures should be reported no later than August 1st.

We provide growing instructions on each product page and also in the package that you receive so you can get your plants stored or started in the best possible way. We stand behind our product and guarantee that the plants and bulbs are viable when you receive them.

Once received, a multitude of environmental and care factors impact the growing performance of your product, therefore we can’t warranty growing success beyond 4 weeks after receiving and storing, or any time after planting*.

We want you to be successful and happy with your purchase so please reach out with any questions or issues you may experience.

General Warranty Terms

Authorized claims will receive a replacement or store credit. No cash refunds.

Merchandising: regularly priced items, with the exception of consumable or perishable products, can be returned within 14 days of receipt, so long as they are unused, in the original packaging with original labels, and free of damage or marks.

SALE items and gift cards are final purchases and can not be returned, refunded or disputed.

Shipping charges are not refundable. Customer is responsible for outgoing shipping costs of replacement orders.

Authorized refunds are subject to a $5 flat restocking fee to cover payment processing and return expenses.

Plants, bulbs, corms, tubers, roots and seeds are not returnable or refundable. Packages should be opened and issues reported within 2 days of receiving to be eligible for a claim. Authorized claims will receive a replacement or store credit. No cash refunds.

Dahlia terms: tubers should sprout and break through the soil surface within 6 weeks. Contact us no later than August 1st of the same growing season if your tuber did not sprout. Contact us no later than September 1st if you think your plant did not bloom true to color. Do not dispose of your plant until you contacted us. Dig up your tuber to see what’s going on, write a description of the issue, include a picture and email that to us so we can review your claim*.

Ranunculus and Anemone terms: due to the unique growing requirements for corms that assume skills and knowledge, Fleur Farm cannot be held liable for unsatisfactory growing results of ranunculus and anemones. Failure to grow ranunculus and anemones satisfactory is responsibility of the grower.

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Should we run into a shortage of tuber supply resulting from crop failure or storage failure on our part, we will either replace or refund your purchase for the portion of the missing tubers.


We ship our packages via USPS, UPS or FedEx and provide you with a tracking number.

All shipments are FOB. Fleur Farm is not responsible for shipments once they leave our facility.

This includes that Fleur Farm is not responsible or liable for:

* disappearing packages after they were marked as delivered by the USPS or other carrier at the address provided on the order.
* packages waiting at your local post office for pickup because they could not be delivered to the address provided.
* returned packages that could not be delivered to the address provided on the order.
* packages lost or damaged in transit by the carrier or Post Office. We will help with filing a claim with the carrier.
* Warranty Conditions
Fleur Farm is not liable in the following situations:
  • loss, damage or failure to grow resulting from weather or poor soil conditions, such as: rot, mold, wind, draught, cold or heat.
  • loss, damage or failure to grow resulting from rodent or animal damage, disease, or pests.
  • malformed blooms or green centers due to insect damage (in example thrips) or overly wet conditions.
  • anomalies in color (in example bi-color varieties turning solid) due to natural mutations during the growing season.
  • bloom color differences when our own field crop from the same batch is confirmed to be true to name.
  • failure of products that were either forced, grown in pots, or further divided from what you had received.
  • failure of plugs or shoots taking from our product.
  • failure ranunculus or anemone corms during all stages of storing, soaking, sprouting, pre-sprouting and growing.
  • poor customer care or customer negligence.
  • frozen product if you have chosen a shipping date that is earlier than recommended for your zone.
  • product that was left unattended or exposed to cold or hot temperatures, pets or wild animals.
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