Our Dahlia Shop is now open for ordering !

Tubers vs Clumps

The tuber-clumps in our webshop are imported from various sources, and will ship in March and April. You can see the origin of each variety listed on their page.

Our ‘mini-clumps’ have multiple small tubers attached to the neck that hosts multiple dormant eyes. You can plant the whole clump, no need to divide further. Just make sure that the neck faces upward and sits only a few inches under the surface.

Planting Dahlia Tubers

Tuber clumps are larger and heavier than single tubers, and take up more space for shipping. We can fit about 10-12 tubers in a large USPS flat rate box, as opposed to 25-30 single tubers for the same size box.

Soon we will be adding our Vermont farmed Dahlias to our 2021 collection as well. Our farmed tubers can be available for immediate shipment upon special request. Otherwise, these too will ship in the Spring.

All our dahlias are stored here at 42F and 80% humidity before being handpicked, labeled and packaged by us, in Vermont.

Our farmed tubers passed VAAFM inspection on November 6th by the Vermont Agency of Food and Agriculture.

Seal of Quality Vermont Agency of Agriculture

Please check back later in December when we’ll be  announcing the opening date of our Vermont farmed Dahlia shop.  Thank you for your patience!

Dahlia field


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