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Tubers vs Clumps

Most questions we get are about clumps. Why clumps? Our ‘mini-clumps’ have multiple small tubers attached to a neck that hosts multiple dormant eyes. You can be sure that your tubers will have at least one but probably multiple eyes. One plant will produce multiple stalks during the first growing year, increasing the productivity of your crop.

You can plant the whole clump, no need to divide further, but if you wish you could try splitting larger clumps into sections, depending on the variety. Some dahlias make larger tubers than others. When planting, just make sure that the neck-part faces upward and sits only a few inches under the surface.

Planting Dahlia Tubers

Our tuber-clumps were imported from Holland and stored here in small quantities at 42F and 80% humidity before being handpicked, labeled and packaged by us, in Vermont. Our tubers are not processed and packaged overseas, because we like to see each tuber before it goes out to you, and make sure they don’t dry out or get damaged during transportation.

Tuber clumps are larger and heavier than single tubers, and take up more space for shipping. We can fit about 10-12 tubers in a large USPS flat rate box, as opposed to 25-30 single tubers for the same size box.

Soon we will be adding our Vermont farmed Dahlias to our 2021 collection too, we are a little behind with the dividing process in this challenging year. But no need to wait placing your order now, you can always add a second order and we will refund you the difference in shipping, at the time of shipping.

All tubers & clumps passed inspection by the VAAFM on November 6th 2020, and will be inspected one more time before shipping out. All tubers & clumps will ship in the Spring, from March through May depending on your growing zone.

Seal of Quality Vermont Agency of Agriculture

If you have any further questions, please ask us, we’d love to hear from you,

Fleur Team

Dahlia field


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