Anemone Fleur Color Blend, Pack of 20


Anemone Fleur Color Blend, Pack of 20


New anemone variety with double and semi-double flowers, looking like a cross between an Anemone and a Ranunculus. Good for cut flowers.

This listing is for 20 Color Blend Full Star Anemone corms (Fleur exclusive).

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Full Star




Small corms, size 3-4


Ships when temperatures allow, separate from other products.


Ranunculus and anemones require advanced growing techniques. Follow our growing tips on this page for optimal growing success. Disclaimer: terms apply for growing results.


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How to Grow Colorful Full Star Anemones in beautiful Color Shades.

Before planting, soak your Full Star  anemone corms in room-temperature water for 3-4 hours. Let a little water trickle into the soaking bowl to increase the oxygen in the water. After soaking, the corms can either be planted directly into the ground or pre-sprouted inside.

For pre-sprouting, place the corms in flats with drainage holes, cover the corms lightly in moist soil, store at 45 °F, and check on them daily.

In zones 8 and warmer, plant in the Fall for Spring blooms. In colder regions, plant in early Spring about 6 weeks before the last hard frost and cover your plants to protect from frost. Plant 5″ apart, 1-2″ deep, with the tubers pointing down.

Full Star Color blend Anemones like good, well-draining soil. Enrich with compost for healthy plants and make sure the roots are never too wet. Plants will flower about 6 week after planting outside.

For floral arrangements, cut stems for bouquet making when the buds are just starting to show color for the longest vase life.