Ranunculus Half-Clone Juliette, Pack of 5


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Ranunculus Half-Clone Juliette, Pack of 5


Juliette is the fullest pink ranunculus you can find. Clone varieties make for wonderful designer material because of the eye catching flower size, pristine color and paper thin petal layering comparable to Italian Ranunculus.

This listing is for 10 pink Half-Clone Juliette ranunculus corms.

Currently Unavailable

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Large corms, size 5-7


We ship the largest corm size available.


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Ranunculus and anemones require unique growing techniques. Read our sprouting and growing tips on this page for success.


Growing Instructions for Half-Clone Juliette ranunculus 

Before planting, soak your ranunculus Clone Juliette corms in room-temperature water for 4-6 hours. Let a little water trickle into the soaking bowl to increase the oxygen in the water. After soaking, the corms can either be planted directly into the ground or pre-sprouted inside.

For pre-sprouting, place the corms in flats with drainage holes, cover the corms lightly in moist soil, store at 45 °F, and check on them daily.

In zones 8 and warmer, plant in the Fall for Spring blooms. In colder regions, plant in early Spring about 6 weeks before the last hard frost and cover your plants to protect from frost. Plant 5″ apart, 1-2″ deep, with the tubers pointing down.

Cloni Juliette Ranunculus like good, well-draining soil. Enrich with compost for healthy plants and make sure the roots are never too wet.

Plants will flower about 90 days after planting. For floral arrangements, cut stems for bouquet making when the buds are just starting to show color for the longest vase life.



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