Ranunculus Romance Nohant, Pack of 5


Ranunculus Romance Nohant, Pack of 5


Deep Coral color! The Romance variety that was bred three years ago and is now entering the market. Blooms are huge! Stems are solid (not hollow) and therefore easy to cut, less prone to disease and able to support the full blooms on long 2-2.5 ft stems.

Let the blooms mature on their stems so they can reach maximum size. Cut in the early morning before they open, but after they already bloomed for three days.

This listing is for 5 Nohant Romance ranunculus corms.

*For advanced growers. Read planting tips for best success.

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The Netherlands


Extra Large corms, size 7-8


Ships when temperatures allow, separate from other products.


Ranunculus and anemones require advanced growing techniques. Follow our growing tips on this page for optimal growing success. Disclaimer: terms apply for growing results.


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How to Grow Romance Nohant Ranunculus


Start by soaking the Romance corms in their bags for 12 hours in 77F° water. Add Gibberellic Acid (ratio 5 gr GA3 per 25 gallon).

Maintain temp. of 77F° during this 12 hour soaking period and keep the water aerated with a mini air pump to avoid standing water.

Ensure the whole bag is submerged in water for the entire period.


After soaking, dip the corms in a fungicide for about 15 minutes (can use 1% of Topsin M, or 0.5% Secure).


Corms need to be planted directly after soaking and completing the fungicide dip. Avoid the corms from  drying up. Corms are live plants! Prepare only as many corms as you can plant in one hour.

Plant the Romance corms directly in the ground. Corms are delicate and don’t do well in pots with poor drainage or ventilation.

Plant 6 weeks before your last frost date. Soil temperatures needs to be cooler than 50F°. Planting in warmer soils will result in loss of germination.

Plant 8″ apart, 1-2″ deep, with the tubers pointing down. Keep the soil moist but not wet.


Keep free from critters. Allow for airflow to deter aphids, mildew and fungus. Cover your crops to protect from frost.

Grow as cool as possible, as cool as 36-40 degrees F°. In daytime, ventilate to stay below 75 F°. Plants go dormant above 80 F°.


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