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Shipping Updates

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General information

After placing your order you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your order.

We will send an additional email notification with tracking number when your order is ready for shipment.

Shipping fees

Fees are calculated by a combination of order value, weight and shipping band. Shipping bands are determined by the USPS and based on the distance between the shipper’s State (for us that’s Vermont) and your State. The further you are located from Vermont, the higher the number of shipping bands that need to be crossed to reach you.

We ship dahlia clumps, and clumps are typically much larger and bulkier than single tubers. Therefore our shipping boxes are bigger and heavier as would be the case for single tubers. To illustrate, we can fit 6 clumps in a medium size box, vs 20 single tubers for the same box size.

USPS (just like any other carrier) has raised their pricing structure in 2022 significantly, particularly for Priority Mail shipping. This increase affects especially Dahlia orders because Dahlia tuber clumps ship with 2-3 day Priority Mail. We hope that in the future the USPS will adjust their pricing downward again.

Multiple orders

Shipping is a very labor intensive and manual process. Combining orders into one shipment adds a significant amount of processing time. With the increasing number of orders we receive, we unfortunately won’t be able to combine multiple orders into one shipment any longer. If you want to add to your order, simply place a second order. Your orders will be shipped separately in the order received.

Check your order

At any time after you placed your order you can lookup the order status on our website using your order id (order number) in your order confirmation email, and your email address that you used to place the order.  If your order status says “Processing”, it means that is has not been packaged for shipping yet. When it says “Completed” it means that we have finished packing your order and it is on its way to the Post Office.

Inspect your Package

When you receive your package, please open it immediately and read the instructions. Any rot, mold or other issues need to be reported within two business days of receiving. If you are not ready to plant your tubers or corms yet, you can store them cool, dark and dry for a short period of time.


Due to phytosanitary regulations we can not ship tubers or seeds to destinations outside of the United States. In the past we were able to deliver to our northern neighbors in Canada, however due to further complicated import regulations it is no longer viable for us to continue this service. As of now, we can only supply United States customers with our product. We apologize to our Canadian customers who will be missed dearly. Should things change in the future, we will reach out and notify you.

Shipping and Delivery Terms:

We ship our packages via USPS, UPS or FedEx and provide you with a tracking number.
All shipments are FOB. Orders marked as delivered by the USPS are beyond our responsibility.
Prevent front porch package theft by adding a Signature Delivery for a small standard USPS fee.
First Class USPS mailings are not insured during transit. USPS Priority mailings are insured up to $100. If you wish to add additional insurance to your package, please mention this in the order notes or contact us after you placed your order.
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