Tubers vs Clumps

Single tubers are finger-size roots that were divided off the mother tuber. Single tubers are guaranteed to have one eye. Single tubers are mostly farm grown.

Tuber clumps are a set of small tubers attached to a neck that often holds multiple eyes. Tuber-clumps are grown from stem cuttings that were planted in greenhouses as plugs. The plugs grow into small clumps (or: mini-clumps) over the course of one season. Tuber clumps are mostly foreign grown.

Planting Dahlia Tubers

Our tuber clumps have to be washed to pass inspection. This process can make tubers appear darker, cause minor skin damage, or broken necks. What’s important though, is that the base of the stem remains intact because that is where the new eyes will appear. Even with some broken necks, shrivel or softness, dehydration or skin damage, these eyes will develop just fine.

Plant the whole clump in soil when the soil temperature is warm enough. Do not divide these little clumps (we don’t guarantee divided or potted clumps). After the first growing season you can divide the clump.

Seal of Quality Vermont Agency of Agriculture

Plant with the stem base facing upward, with the tubers pointing down or laying sideways. Plant just a few inches below the surface so the sun can warm the soil which allows the eyes to sprout. When the soil temperature is warm enough (consistent above 50F), your Dahlias should sprout through the soil within 3-5 weeks. When the soil is too cold, it will stunt the growth and the tuber may end up rotting.

All our tubers and bulbs are inspected twice a year by the VAAFM. Dahlias can be ordered from November through May, and will ship in the Spring.

Dahlia field

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